Bringing the Mountains Home

Written By: Lissa Poirot

WHETHER YOU ARE LUCKY enough to live in the mountains or fortunate enough to visit often, the sense of being in nature, surrounded by forests, the sounds of birds chirping and insects humming, and the crisp, fresh air brings a sense of peace. It’s no wonder we want to bring that serenity back to our homes or recreate it in a second property in the hills of North Georgia.

Creating a mountain aesthetic in your home, be it your everyday house or a cabin in the woods, is as easy as it seems: Bring the outdoors in and create a sense of relaxation and rest.

“When it comes to bringing the aesthetic of the mountains to your home, you want to paint a picture of a comfortable, relaxed atmosphere the moment you walk in,” says June McEldowney, who owns Rustic Mountain Décor with her husband, Jim, in Blairsville.


A weekend in the quiet of the mountains isn’t heavenly because of the accommodations but because of the nature surrounding you. This is why cabins in the woods focus on a rustic element, even if it is shabby chic. It’s all about the elements found outside the door: wood, rusted metal, pinecones… Let the mountains be your inspiration.

The McEldowneys do more than sell memorabilia from a trip. They sell handmade furnishings and décor crafted with care from artisans who live in the mountains. When working with clients on redecorating or adding small touches, McEldowney focuses on the usage of neutral colors and the elements of the outdoors.

“We use a lot of barn wood,” she says. Reclaiming woods from actual farms across North Georgia, coffee tables, end tables, dining tables and more can be made that provide rustic, yet high-end décor. “Cabin décor doesn’t have to be all about using Buffalo plaid and bears in the design, although that is certainly a look many go for with a home in the mountains. Go for a refined look when recreating a cabin lodge.

”If your home is south of the mountains and more modern but you want to bring a piece of the mountains home, McEldowney begins with small touches to remind home-owners of Blairsville and the mountains.“Maps of the Appalachian Trail with a barn wood frame can hang on a wall and remind you of all the places you have been yet still look nice in your traditional decor,” she says. “It’s like a world map that you can pin and mark where you have hiked and that reminds you of your trips to the mountains and brings you that sense of peace.

”Small touches like rusty metal that have been repurposed into wall art or kitschy items that remind you of grandma’s house can add a touch of mountain charm as well as small items like log cabin incense burners that send smoke through the chimney or Mason jar salt and pepper shakers.


For those looking to go more immersive in decorating with a mountain look, turn to larger pieces of furniture and fabrics, all within the color spectrum of the forest: Browns, greens and natural colors.“Burlap works really well for a rustic-chic look. I use it from tea towels to tablecloths,” McEldowney says. “And metal. Metal art is extremely popular, from wall art to rusty metal pine trees to adorn the mantle. Incorporating pieces that fit within the mountains will bring the look into a home.”

Adds McEldowney, “It’s not all about a log cabin look. Today’s mountain look may be rustic but also contemporary and industrial at the same time.

”So, consider adding a touch of the North Georgia mountains into your home décor with a few of these simple touche


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