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Advertise with us! North Georgia Living — A Small Business that thinks BIG!

Here at North Georgia Living we are a small business with BIG ideas and plans. We pride ourselves in working hand-in-hand with both small and big businesses alike.

We have a variety of ad sizes priced to find the perfect match for every business and budget. Starting at an affordable $385, you may choose a 1/6 horizontal/vertical, 1/3 horizontal/vertical,  1/2 horizontal/vertical, 2/3 Vertical or Full Page, or even a big Two-Page Spread!

Also our new state of the art web site offers unique advertising options for budgets big and small. Email [email protected] for our annual media kit and further information.

Frequently Asked Questions

What makes North Georgia Living special?

Let’s just say, we are a lean, mean magazine machine that boasts a combined 100 years of publishing/design experience under our belt, and we feel we’ve got print publication down to a science for the new age consumer.

One, we are quarterly. Our exposure lasts an entire season (Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter/Holiday). That means your ad has staying power, whether it’s resting on the coffee table in people’s homes, or picked up in stores or sent directly to our subscribers, this is not a magazine that heads straight to the recycling bin, which may happen to a lot of unsolicited mailed publications. Each one our subscribers receives their issue in a poly bag to ensure only the best presentation and experience.

Two, we keep our costs down by decreasing overhead like formal office space, full-time staff, etc, and keep the focus on creating an amazing magazine for our readers and advertisers.

And ThreeNorth Georgia Living recognizes that print media should work in harmony with digital media, and that is why we have invested into our state-of-the-art web site and will continue to keep building and changing as new needs arise. For our advertisers, that means you can coordinate a one-, two-punch with your advertising that works in concert with our print and online resources.

Which Ad Size is Right for My Business?

We have a variety of ad sizes priced to find the perfect match for every business and budget. Small businesses with small budgets, can get a 1/6 vertical or horizontal starting at just $385, and if you sign an annual contract and run in all four issues we will discount your price even lower! Have a special seasonal event you would love to feature? Our 1/3 square gives you great exposure in the magazine with a $620 rate. But be sure to ask about our discounted rates for charities and for signed annual contracts. Want to make a powerful statement! Then consider our ½ page, 2/3 page, Full-Page, Full Page Spread options. Please email [email protected] for more details.

How do I make my Ad stand out to readers in a positive way?

Things to consider when making your advertisement the best it can be is go through this checklist:

Choose the right amount of text for your audience. 
The typical rule is short and sweet may be best but that’s not an unbreakable rule as your audience may want a list of details of the services you offer. The trick is finding the right amount of information. The main guide is don’t make it look too crowded with text, if it is, consider cutting it down or jumping up an ad size to fit your needs and grab the most eyes.

Create an Eye-Catching Headline. 
You have a few key seconds to grab attention so make your headline work for you. Consider humor, excitement and key action words to get your readers interested.

Consider your placement in the magazine. 
If you have the budget, consider a premium place in the magazine, such inside and backside covers, or the back cover of the magazine. These coveted ads spaces are typically under contract so check with our sales department to see when contract expire so you will have a chance to take over these hot locations. But there are other premier places to, a full-page ad is always placed opposite the inside cover, that’s a great location to request. As is, opposite the Publisher’s Note and between the Contents pages. Also, ask your sales representative if there is a story or department your ad would be best suited for and ask to be placed near that.

What are your advertising deadlines for this year?

Our advertising deadlines are as follows:

Spring Issue:
Reserve Ad Space by Jan. 20th
Submit your Completed Ad Copy by Jan. 29th
The Spring issue is on stands from March 1-May 25

Summer Issue:

Reserve Ad Space by April 16th
Submit your Completed Ad Copy by April 30th
The Summer issue is on stands from May 26- Sept. 1

Fall Issue:
Reserve Ad Space by July 23rd
Submit your Completed Ad Copy by Aug. 10th
The Fall issue is on stands Sept. 2-Nov. 23

Holiday/Winter Issue:
Reserve Ad Space by Oct. 8
Submit your Completed Ad Copy by Oct. 22nd
The Winter issue is on stands Nov. 24-Feb.28th


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