Boundless Bourbon – There’s a rich story with every sip from the Infinity Bottle at 7 Acre

Written By: Brittany Dean

As I try to think of the perfect present for everyone on my holiday list, my mind drifts to all the gifts I’ve received over the years. My favorites have been the ones based on thought and meaning rather than expense, and I fondly recall a 3rd generation sourdough starter I received as a wedding gift 13 years ago. Of the gifts I’ve received in the past decade, that sourdough starter still stands out; it was unique, carrying with it a rich history, and it was a gift that keeps on giving. That is, it would have been if I, in fact, could have made bread from it. As it turns out, I’m not a good baker or caretaker of sourdough. Through failed attempts and neglect, I sadly let my favorite wedding gift die. Was it not hydrated? Possibly not fed correctly? Was our home too hot or too cold? It still pains me to think about the day I gave up and tossed the gift that had such potential. 
But with this holiday season and a new opportunity to give, I pondered what gift would stand out like that sourdough starter, albeit one with more success and less maintenance. In perfect timing I stumbled upon the concept of an Infinity Bottle at 7 Acre BarnGrill in Milton—a boundless bottle of bourbon that truly never ends.  

An Ever-Evolving Blend
On a recent visit to 7 Acre BarnBrill, my eyes were drawn to a glass drink dispenser behind the bar, standing high on a pedestal foot with diamond crosshatches. It sat at the center top shelf alongside an impressive bourbon selection. This, it turned out, was the restaurant’s Infinity Bottle, brought to life by owner Josh Read upon learning of the concept himself. 
What is an Infinity Bottle? Traditionally, an infinity bottle is the last few ounces of a bourbon collection added to one bottle, creating a unique mixed blend. Others opt to add the first pour of any new bottle received. There is no right or wrong way to create your personalized Infinity Bottle, no exact amounts, no rules. This allows for a unique blend that is a reflection of your taste and collection. The bottle is often accompanied by a log or journal recording what was added and when—a walk down memory lane, if you will. The bottle should never go dry as new bourbons and whiskeys should replenish what is consumed. This ever-evolving blending process is intended to be unique, personal, and as the name suggests, never ending. 

History in a Bottle
Rather than the traditional practice of adding the last few ounces of a whiskey bottle, 7 Acre BarnGrill adds one whole bottle at a time to its Infinity Bottle. It all began at the start of 2022 with a bottle of Elmer T Lee Single Barrel. Restaurant patrons can order an Infinity Pour neat, on the rocks, or in any bourbon cocktail like an Old Fashioned or a Manhattan. 
As most Infinity Bottles are accompanied by a log or journal, a story is told of the people, places and history that poured into it, and 7 Acre’s version is no exception. A leather-bound Infinity log, which includes photos from each addition, tells quite a story. A Polaroid picture is included with each entry, each cataloging the bottle’s journey, from its humble beginnings to the variety of staff (both past and present), bar regulars, special moments, and more than have played a role in its evolution. Even the handwriting of each bottle entry is unique, adding to this historical tale. 
After ordering my first infinity pour on the rocks served with a large ice block, I began flipping through the leather journal’s pages. Using the log, I realized I was sipping traces of the first-ever release from Kentucky’s Castle and Key Distillery (Batch 1, Barrel 1) as well as the 80-proof “Yeah C’mon” crafted by Georgia’s own Legends Distillery in partnership with beloved radio host Southside Steve. Rumor has it, the next bottle to be added is a Pappy Van Winkle, right in time for the holiday season. A story is told with every sip of this ever-evolving blend, making a great conversation piece. My own taste of 7 Acre’s Infinity pour provided rich history, a pleasant warmth—and inspiration for future gift giving.   

A Gift That Keeps on Giving
Making a wonderful holiday, wedding or housewarming present, an Infinity Bottle gift set can include an empty decanter, pen and journal. Throw in a bottle of whiskey, or a few ounces from your own Infinity Bottle, and the story begins. If you want to add that personalized touch, companies like Prestige Haus ( offer personalized engraved decanters that can include names, establish date and a message. 
Want to shop local? Fellow Georgian Rob McGoldrick, owner of InfinityBottle, sells handmade, personalized glass bottles through Etsy. McGoldrick makes gift giving even easier as all orders are shipped already wrapped using craft paper and satin ribbon. 
Gifting with thought and meaning—and a little less maintenance than a sourdough starter—can begin with an Infinity Bottle. The art of blending paired with a liquid record of history will tell a story for years to come. 


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